Helping to keep your business premises clean and safe

Our main priority in these difficult times is to minimise and prevent the spread of COVID-19 while allowing businesses to go about their daily duties as best as possible. To help you do this we are offering the following business premises and vehicle external cleaning services.

Premises Cleans:

If any person within your business suffers symptoms or is diagnosed with COVID-19 (or even if it is just for precautionary reasons) we can give the external of your premises a full deep clean to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We will use disinfectant applied through a pressure washer for large external areas and knapsack or hand sprayers for smaller areas.

  • Pedestrian shelters including smoking areas
  • External barriers/hand rails
  • Doors/door handles
  • Security huts
  • Keypads
  • Roller shutter/warehouse doors
  • In fact anywhere that might have had human contact/contamination



While our cleaning application will help kill and limit the spread of the virus, as we are using virus specific disinfectant, we are also disinfecting our vehicles as part of our standard daily procedure; this is an extra precautionary measure which includes vehicle doors handles steering wheels and gear shift handles/parking breaks, including knobs and buttons.


Social Distancing

Our Mobile teams are majority lone workers and have little need for contact with customers. Using our job delivery app we can send job completions forms (including photographs if needed) to you of any work carried out with a description of the work carried out.


We are also able to send a notification ahead of time for estimated time of arrival to allow customers time to make arrangement to add their own social distancing. This will help reduce cross contamination and limit social interaction between ours and your staff.

 What we are doing with in the company to ensure we do not bring Covid-19 to your premises 

  • Daily disinfectant and deep clean of mobile units’ vehicles, keys and tablets
  • Guidance to all colleagues on following basic hygiene measures, and instructions on what to do should they feel unwell.
  • Our IT system allows our teams to work from home as needed with fixed work locations we are reducing the need for social interaction while maintain communication.


If a Disinfect clean down is something you would be interested in please contact us on: 

Telephone: 01905 391 144

Ben Tanner 07964 207461

Nikki Rogers 07967 012856

Email –