Community Garden Week: Helping Community and Council

Community Garden Week is taking place from the 3rd-9th April and so we wanted to highlight the importance of working together as a community to improve the areas we live in.

What is Community Garden Week?

For those who aren’t familiar, Community Garden Week celebrates all the various community and school gardens across the UK, including neighbourhood, residential, institutional and demonstration gardens, as well as many others.These gardens help to tackle many of the issues that have become prevalent in recent times, due to the rapid growth of urban areas and the reduction of green spaces. Having a community garden in place gives city residents a chance to spend more time outdoors and get back in touch with nature, as well as educate children on flora if they otherwise have little exposure to such.
l r Ben Tanner and Nikki Rogers AA Salt with James Auden from Bowbrook House School and pupils 1
The AA Salt team with the pupils of Bowbrook House School, planting trees

How We’ve Contributed

At AA Salt, we have aimed to help our local community through many sustainable projects, such as our day with the students of Bowbrook House School where we sponsored 30 trees for their ‘eco area’, which will act as a summer storytelling place. Planting these trees helped us to move another step closer to our carbon-offsetting goals and get the pupils to embrace helping their community too.

Check our Worcester News’ article on the event for further information on our time with Bowbrook House School.

As we expand into our grounds maintenance services, we will continue with our carbon-neutral business model to ensure we keep our environmental impact as minimal as possible. If you’d like to learn more about these services, check out our page. You can also learn about our missions and values in more detail through our site.

Want to get involved with a community garden near you? Talk to your local information centre or council, or read The Kitchn’s tips guide.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we could help you, whether that is to seek our grounds maintenance services or for more information on our work with the local community.

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