AA Salt invests in their fleet and team to level up services

As AA Salt heads into the busy winter months, we’ve continued our strategic growth plans by investing £200,000 in new vehicles and machinery. 

We have five new vehicles and gritting machines which were constructed by our good friends at Vale Engineering, who worked closely with our in-house team of mechanics to install the latest equipment. Now our fleet is ready to take on even the harshest of winters.

Three new full-time employees join the team

As an additional arm of excitement for AA Salt, we have recently employed three full-time staff members on top of the 25 contracted drivers. We’re thrilled to continue expanding our team as we successfully support and deliver our winter maintenance programme this year.  

AA Grounds Maintenance sees additional investment too

Although the focus will mainly shift to gritting and snow clearing this winter, we are still actively providing grounds maintenance services within the West Midlands area. We have proudly invested an additional £13,000 to equip our team with the newest state-of-the-art strimmers and mowers which will be used directly to help prepare our clients for the winter months. 

Overall, these significant investments will enhance our service offering and means we can provide our innovative winter and grounds maintenance services to more customers.  

Ben Tanner, our Sales and Operations Director, said: “By investing £200,000 in vehicles and state-of-the-art machinery, we’re not just preparing for winter; we’re setting new service excellence and reliability standards. 

“The addition of five cutting-edge vehicles and gritters, along with our enhanced grounds maintenance gear, represents our commitment to technological advancement and superior customer service.  

“Our focus isn’t just on expansion but on elevating the quality of our work across every front. “Employing three new staff members alongside our dedicated team of drivers underscores our belief in nurturing a skilled workforce to meet the growing demands of our clients.  

“Overall, this investment ensures that we’re not just keeping pace with customer needs but anticipating and exceeding them, especially as we gear up for a challenging winter season and look forward to a bustling spring and summer in 2024.” 

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