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Sustainability Award
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AA Salt Wins Sustainability Award

Find out why becoming a carbon-neutral company is important to us and why we put it at the heart of everything we do

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Business as usual... since 2002 AA Salt have been making sure you can carry on doing your business, by doing ours.


Why AA Salt?


AA Salt was founded in 2002 in response to the demand for gritting in Hereford and Worcester area, to provide a professional gritting and snow clearing service. We are a dedicated Winter Maintenance family run business. No job is too big or too small. We are big enough to cover all your needs, but small enough to really care and go the extra mile you would expect from a family run business.


AA Salt specialises in providing a professional, bespoke, gritting and snow clearing service to Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, the West Midlands and Birmingham. Our fleet is on standby every day of the gritting season.


We utilise postcode-specific weather forecasting to gain the most accurate forecast for your site. This is combined with our state-of-the-art GPS equipped fleet of vehicles, delivering a 24/7 gritting and snow clearing service - where and when it’s needed. Our staff are equipped with tablets featuring the latest Job Watch software, that tracks each jobs progress and reports each gritting visit directly back to the office in real time. All gritting reports information is live and accessible to our customers through the Job Watch web portal.

Job Watch


We are a Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce Award Winning Family Business. It's good to know you're working with a local reliable and accountable business. Our aim is to ensure you and your business avoid disruption during the winter months. Our dedicated S.A.F.E. Contractor Approved team deliver an unrivalled quality service to businesses around the midlands and across the UK, keeping businesses open as usual. For a free quote get in touch with one of the gritting team.

Award Winning

Going Greener with AA Salt

Here at AA Salt Services, we are getting even more serious about our impact on the environment.

Sustainability mission

We have always used white salt conforming to BS3247 standards, because it is kinder to the environment and your work environment. But now we are getting serious about every aspect of our business, from plastic bag usage for salt carriage, to water usage for washing down the lorries after a busy night out gritting. Part of this change has led us to move premises helping to improve efficiencies by having all of our operations under one roof. We are buying newer vehicles (Euro6), we double print on all appropriate office paper, we also support our employees by educating them about what is recyclable and what is not. We are working together to continuously improve and create a cleaner, more efficient business by reviewing our processes with waste reduction at the forefront. We are conscious that there is a finite limit to the world's natural resources, a contributing factor to why we use white marine harvested salt.



Integral to our business in the salt we use. This is marine harvested white salt which is to BS3247 standard. This product is produced from dehydrated salt water in the Mediterranean. We are looking into every aspect of our business, driving for a reduction in CO2 which has led us to buy newer vehicles every year (Euro 6); 50% of our fleet is now a lower emissions vehicle. The introduction of the Big Change Job Watch app (our job scheduling system), is reducing drivers’ journeys by up to 50miles a shift thanks to the improved route planning and vehicle optimisation. This will help us achieve our goal of carbon positive status by reducing our vehicle carbon emissions by 10.5%pa. We will offset the remainder with carbon sequestering projects locally in the West Midlands and in Africa and South America.



We are working together with our supply chain partners to continuously improve and create a cleaner, more efficient business. We are conscious that there is a finite limit to the world's natural resources and are proud to be working towards being carbon positive. Focusing on waste reduction has led us to question our historical operating practises and resulted in more improvements; from reducing plastic bags used for salt carriage, to water usage, to harvesting rainwater for washing down the lorries, we are making an effort to reduce the impact we have on the planet. We can offset the currently unavoidable CO2 we produce from diesel the vehicles use. We are using the carbon offsetting approach adopted by Carbon footprint. Through them we plant trees in the West Midlands and buddy up with supporting projects in the Amazon. We also offset half our CO2 produced with Ripple Africa. This charity supports communities in Malawi, one of Africa’s poorest countries, by helping them build fuel-efficient cookstoves. This has the wonderful effect of giving them safer, healthier cooking environments and reduces the wood needed, so protecting their own forests as well as helping liberate women in these communities, as much less time is needed in the wood collection. Our future plans include calculating the CO2 we have produced since 2002 and off-setting this as well.



  • New premises- office and operating yard under one roof improve operations efficiency and driver communications cutting travel time down by 2 hours a day.
  • Technology – Introduction of Big Change Job Watch App improved driving efficiencies by 50%, using a paperless app.
  • 50% of the lorry and 4×4 fleet Ultra-low emissions-compliant – Euro 6 standard
  • Rainwater harvesting – for lorry washing. With a 5000 litre capacity. Saving 50,000lt of clean water a year.
  • Reedbed drainage system – for washdown fluid filtration
  • Recycling industry used containers to provide salt bin carriage on lorries to cut down on salt being carried in plastic bags
  • Where plastic bags totally unavoidable – bags washed out and recycled. Salt brine collected for brine spraying adding a new product line to our services. Plastic bag usage down 80%
  • White de-icing salt BS3247 compliant.
  • Specialist anti-corrosion salt (for metal surface mezzanine car parks, fire escapes and train stations) now bought in bulk bag further reducing plastic bag usage by 100%.
  • Recycling paper by using both sides to print on when possible, combined with using recycled ink cartridges.
  • Moved accounting processes to cloud-based product improved administrative time.
  • Use of VoIP telephone system so allowing for telephones to be used at different locations allowing for business continuity in the event of any unforeseen business interruptions.

We continue to review and take advise on new ways we could improve through better systems and implementation of technologies

Our Services

Gritting & Snow Clearing

Total Gritting Solutions

Business parks, retail parks, car parks, universities, hospitals and sporting arenas. Manual gritting of paths, stairs, entrances and fire exits.

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Fast and reliable

Use our fast and accurate weather forecasting service to ensure you don't get caught this winter!

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Technology & Equipment

Using state-of-the-art technology

Our fleet of lorries use, GPS tracking, real-time monitoring and provide gritting reports for each visit.

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Salt Supplies & Grit Bins

Supply & Filling

Grit bins supplied to suit your needs from 50ltr to 350ltr in a colour to suit your environment.

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Business as usual, with our pro-active gritting services.


Employee Safety

Employee safety should be at the top of any employers to-do list. Ensuring employee safety means a functioning and happy workforce!

Business as Usual

Whatever the weather!

'Ensuring that you stay open with our pro-active gritting and snow clearance service means you can concentrate on doing what you do best without worrying about the weather. AA Salt has never run out of salt. We calculate how much salt you will need during the winter and have a stock pile for your use only. We only grit when and where you need it. Not only keeping you safe but also minimising your environment impact.

Duty of Care

HSE 2010

The Health and Safety Act 1974 places responsibility on an Employer to make all reasonable efforts to prevent slips and falls. Are you following it?

What is the best way to use grit -

Customers & Visitors

Is it our responsibility to grit our premises?

Stay open, and stay on-side. Endangering customers and/or visitors can seriously damage your business. Although there is no legal requirement to grit your premises, under the Workplace Health and Safety Welfare Regulations regulation 12, the surfaces of floors and traffic routes should be free from any hole, slope, or uneven or slippery surface which is likely to cause a person to slip, trip or fall.

Welfare Regulations reg 12

Meet your Salt, Gritting and Snow Clearing Team

Ensuring it's business as usual, whatever the weather!



Gritting is carried out overnight to ensure that surfaces are in a safe condition when morning arrives. We closely monitor post code specific weather forecasting for our clients throughout the winter months.

  • We will accurately measure your site using leading mapping technology following a visit to determine your specific requirements.
  • Analysing dips, cracks and uneven areas on site will reveal where puddles form and highlight the high risk areas for ice formation.
  • Assessing number of walk ways, steps, slopes and the site access size will allow us to determine the correct sized equipment for your environment.
  • With your consultation we determine the level of service you require.
  • Service supplied to suit your budget – either pay-as-you-go or annual monthly contract.
  • White marine de-icing salt used. It is BS3247 certified high quality winter de-icer which leaves no messy residue when trodden into buildings and vehicles
  • Regionally based snow ploughs for fast response times
  • Snow clearing carried out from 7cm
  • Stocks of salt held for your site in our depot for the whole winter so we will not run out of salt. We are proud to say we have NEVER run out of salt!



  • We monitor the weather throughout the winter using Netweather to get postcode specific forecasts for each of your sites.
  • Not only measuring the cold weather but the dew points too, which determine most accurately the risk of ice and snow.
  • Once the agreed weather triggers have been reached (generally between 0 and -1 degrees centigrade) we will relay information to you forewarning you of incoming weather conditions, allowing you to make timely decisions regarding the level of cover you require.
  • Upon agreement of conditions we will dispatch our gritting vehicles to attend your site between 6pm and 7am.
  • We carry out manual gritting of paths, fire escapes, steps and disabled access slopes to increase your safety level.



Our continued investment in modern gritting and snow clearing and equipment means that efficient and well maintained vehicles are ready to support you at a moments notice.

  • Professionally built bespoke gritting lorries with a vehicle to specifically fit the size of your site from 18 tonne to 3.5 tonne vehicles to choose from.
  • Calibrated to deliver the correct quantity of salt required for the temperatures.
  • We only use white marine harvester salt that complies to the BS3247:2011 standard.
  • All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems so we know where our lorries are at all times.
  • GPS tracking enabling accurate real-time reporting. For added accountability and quality assurance. 
  • Using our Job Watch job scheduling system we can monitor and track the progress of every job. 



Visit our Products page to see a full range of our salt and snow clearing equipment and refillables.

  • 25kg bags delivered (no minimum order).
  • Bulk salt 10t – 28t.
  • Grit bins.
  • Managed grit bins (refilling service during winter).

Grit bins supplied to suit your needs from 50ltr to 350ltr in the colour to suit your environment.

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